City and Guilds Level 2

7863-02 City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants

This is  a great place to start (especially if you want to start your own business). As a standalone qualification we provide 25 days of hands on grooming training with us giving you a good degree of confidence, whilst also achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

Although the qualification states that it is for Dog Grooming Assistants, we train all students to a Level 3 standard.

The majority of our students have taken this course on it's own and are now running their own successful grooming business. You can of course choose to continue onto the Level 3 Diploma if you desire (although not everyone's budget stretches to this)

The benefit of choosing a private dog grooming school against a mainstream college is that you will be taught to groom dogs, on your own from start to finish, at a level 3 standard.

South Warwickshire Dog Grooming School provides all of the equipment you need for use on the course and supplies dog models for you.

On day 1 we start you off with a fairly simple groom such as a Spaniel in a field trim. You will learn how to clip (including the different size blades), how to trim pads, clip claws and how to use scissors correctly (as well as bathing and drying your dog).

As you progress throughout the course we gauge your ability to do extra dogs and book them in accordingly. Some students have been able to do 4 dogs in a day by themselves (this is not the case in every instance, but we will assess what you would feel comfortable with).

You will cover a wide variety of breeds and learn how to trim to breed standard and how to adapt the styles to owners request.

The course culminates into assessments where you have to style a wool mix breed (e.g. Cockapoo, Cavachon) in 2 and a half hours and scissor a silky coated dog (e.g. Working Cocker Spaniel, Long Haired Dachshund) in 1 hour. There is also an online, multiple choice exam

This is a 25 day course costing £3,800 (inclusive of £633.33 VAT)

If you wish to combine the Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications straight away. This can be achieved in 35 days hands on training plus some home study. The combined cost is £6,000 (inclusive of £1,000 VAT) saving you a total of £1, 600